The quest of a scientist passionate about lightning to answer "How can a flash of lightning change a life?" A split second that can shape the destiny of one, or of many, bringing fear or passion, tragedy or success, peace or war. In search of an answer, he meets six whose lives were changed in very different ways by lightning. This surprising journey reveals both popular ideas about lightning and the scientific view, from the discovery of Brazil, forward into the future of our very existence.

Director: Iara Cardoso
Iara Cardoso is a scientific journalist, graduated from New York Film Academy (NYFA)/Universal Studios and Digital Journalism program of NBC News/NYFA.
Cast: Osmar Pinto Junior, PhD
Produced by: Storm Comunicação
Written by: Iara Cardoso
Historical Research: Osmar Pinto Junior
Photography: Fábio Dourado Dantas
Visual Effects: Julio César dos Santos Dias e Leonardo Reis
Editor: Bruno Maia Cerqueira
Music: Cinematic Orchestra, Keith Kenniff e Tony Anderson
Run time: 70 min
Year: 2013
Country: Brazil
Genre: Documentary Feature Film
Exhibition format: DCP