Why make a film about lightning in Brazil?
In an average year, over 50 million lightning flashes hit Brazil, where 130 people die and other 500 are struck and survive. Brazil is the country with the highest absolute number of flashes in the world.
Could so many strikes change a life? Why some of us are chosen? To answer these questions, Osmar Pinto Junior - the most important lightning researcher in Brazil - takes a journey through the country, to see how six lives were transformed by a flash.
The result can be seen at A flash in the tropics, the first Brazilian documentary feature film about this theme.
The movie presents lightning in a historical, scientific and cultural perspective with an interesting point of view. Unreleased images of lightning flashes, captured by high speed and high definition cameras, show lightning in the tropics as never seen before: flashes and storm clouds movement in the Brazilian sky can be seen in details.
The six lives presented in the film are examples of how destiny can change in - literally - a flash. In a second, such different stories were transformed by lightning, bringing fear, passion, tragedy, success, wars and peace. In this journey, unexpected facts are revealed, from Brazil's colonization to the future of the Earth.
Producers analyzed more than 200 different sources to get information for the feature - books, scientific journals and historical files. This research was essential to write a detailed and precise script.